2008. august 17.
    Budapest (HU), Sziget festival.
    Sonny & K. C. jamming with Paul Lamb and the King Snakes.

      Paul Lamb - vocal, mouth-harmonica
      Chad Strentz - vocal, guitar
      Ryan Lamb - guitar
      Rod Demick - bass
      Sonny Below - drums
      Long Tall Sonny - vocal, guitar
      K. C. Brown - mouth-harmonica

Rod Demick & Sonny

Paul Lamb, K. C. Brown, Ryan Lamb

Sonny, Chad Strentz, Paul Lamb, K. C.

Harmonica Killers

Paul Lamb & K. C. Brown (in the background Chad Strentz)

Paul Lamb and K. C. Brown

Rod Demick, Sonny, Paul Lamb

What a night!

      Photos by Fido.