2009. may 31.
    Budapest (HU), Torpedo cafe.
    Sonny and his Wild Cows.

      Long Tall Sonny - vocal, guitar
      K. C. Brown - mouth-harmonica
      Crazy Benny - electric piano
      Gordon Taylor - bass
      Little Tommy - drums
      + guests:
      Borsodi László - guitar
      Horváth Mihály - mouth-harmonica

K. C. Brown, Sonny, Borsodi László (behind Sonny), Gordon Taylor

Crazy Benny on piano

Sonny & Borsodi Lacika

Sonny and his Wild Cows

Crazy Benny, piano man

Sonny and the guys

Sonny & Taylor

K. C. Brown on the harmonica

Kay Cee's blowin' it

Sonny and his Wild Cows

The Torpedo is rockin'

Gordon Taylor, the 'Master'

Guitar rockin'

What you say?

K. C., Sonny, Borsodi Lacika, Taylor

Special guest Borsodi László guitar-wizard

Playin' together

Sonny's doin' the 'bug-dance'

Sonny and his Wild Cows with special guests at the Torpedo

      Photos by DeeDee.