2009. june 27.
    Sopron (HU), Fő-tér.
    Sonny and his Wild Cows.

      Long Tall Sonny - vocal, guitar
      K. C. Brown - mouth-harmonica
      Crazy Benny - electric piano
      Gordon Taylor - bass
      Stormy Tom - drums

Sonny in his birth-place Sopron

Sonny & Gordon Taylor

Sonny and his Wild Cows


K. C. Brown on harmonica

Gordon Taylor on bass


The band and the crowd

Sonny & Taylor

Sonny with guest-drummer Stormy Tom and Taylor on bass

Crazy Benny on piano

Sonny's shoutin' the blues



K. C., Sonny, Taylor

K. C. Brown & Sonny

Sonny and his Wild Cows on the stage

All night long

Benny boy on the keys


Sonny and the band

Gotta have a drink!

K. C., Sonny, Taylor


Sonny and his Wild Cows in Sopron

Crazy Benny, Sonny

Guitar solo

Check out them socks!



Sonny rocks all night

Doin' that bug-dance again

At the end of the show

'Thank you very much and good night!'

      Photos by Torma Sándor, Hádinger Viktória, and Szőke-Papp Tímea.